PVD coatings

In JG GROUP PVD coatings are applied with the use of the Sputter technolog which is based on evaporating from the cathodes and sputtering it on the tools.
The advantage of the sputtering technology is that it provides an extremely smooth surface without defects. The technology is used in the production of coatings on various materials, such as metals, oxides, nitrides, borides and carbides.

A significant advantage of the use of coatings is the provision of the excellent sliding properties, combined with high hardness of the coating which protects against scuffing and fretting wear and allows for dry work in the form of dry elements. In addition it allows the mold to work dry, without lubrication which gives a range of applications in the pharmaceutical, medical and packaging industries.

PVD coatings mean low production costs in plastics processing

M-LOX and D-LOX significantly extend the durability of ejector cores and sliders. The use of these coatings allows to increase the durability of the injection mold several times with a more than fivefold reduction in the friction coefficient.